"To have a balanced surrounding we will have to join hands,
come together as responsible Guests,
on the planet and make conscious choices in consumption."

-Shaivya Jaiswal,

The Birth Of Virmansha

Back in the year 2011, during the last graduation year at NIFT, the name of the company was conceived. Combining the founder's parents' and her own initials.

Our Story

It all started in the form of trials of few samples of small bags made out of kurtas which I had outgrown. It was in that moment that I realised that most people tend to unknowingly keep hoarding the clothes that don’t fit them anymore! While some donate their old, unused clothes, most just keep on stacking the pile in their wardrobes.

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What We do

We collect all the textile waste generated locally from various tailors and boutiques in cities. After a long process of size and colour segregation, we utilise each piece, every tiny shred of textile to create our products. All the production waste is also rolled back into further product development. We educate and encourage everyone around to donate the clothes in good condition to the needy first and the ones which aren’t wearable, are torn or spotted should be donated to us. We also welcome donations of unused clothes or garments from our customers to customise any piece for them. This way we have saved a lot of textile waste, and hence have lessened the burned-on landfills, water bodies and the planet in general.

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